Here is what to do if you have forgotten your Login Name or password. You should record these, there are several password managers that can keep a repository of all your accounts and passwords.  See Lee Hawkins if you want recommendations.  However, if you don't use one, then it is easy to forget your Login Name or Password since you may not log in to our web site all that often.

Forgot Login Name

If you have forgotten you user name, you will have to notify Lee Hawkins or Gene Lafond.  They can look this up and send you the username you created when you first signed up, or have since changed.  There is no way around this, so please write it down.

Forgot Password

If you know your Login Name, but forgot your password, here is how you can proceed:

1. click on the login button and enter your login name and leave the password blank.

2. Scroll down the page a ways and there is a button labeled Reset Password, click that.

The site will email a random password to the email address you registered with.  You can then login with that password and use the menu option My Account->My Account Settings to change your password to something you will remember. Note that on this page, you can also change the login name , email address and other parameters if you wish.  Just be sure to record the information somewhere for the future log ins.

Locked Account

If you try to login multiple times (I believe 4) and are not successful, then your account may get locked.  Unfortunately, the system doesn't tell you that your account is locked.  The best technique is to try no more than 2 or 3 times and if not successful, then use the password reset option, don't keep trying to log in.  If you do lock your account, you will need to contact Gene or Lee to unlock your account.



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