Organization Membership

The Cape Cod Art Center Camera Club is open to any member of the Art Center.  Our meetings are open to guests, however, you must be an Art Center member to participate in our competitions and events.  For information on Art Center membership, click here.  Once you are a member of the Art Center, you should create an account on our web page to receive Camera Club emails.  Please do not create an account here unless you are a member of the Art Center.  Non member accounts will be deleted.  If you are a member of another club that uses Visual Pursuits, you may already have an account on the Visual Pursuits servers.  If so, you do not need a new account, just log in with your existing Visual Pursuits credentials from the prior club and use My Account and then Organizations to request membership in our club.  To create a new account, click on the Create a New User Account button below.

There are two types of memberships on our Visual Pursuits web site, please select one when you request an account.

Associate Member: Associate members will receive club emails, have access to all web pages, including non public ones, and can vote in competitions that use voting.  However, an Associate Member cannot upload images to club competitions.  Use this option if you want to be notified of updates, view all pages, and be able to vote, but don't plan on entering competitions in the near future.  We do encourage all members to participate in our competitions.  However, if you don't plan to enter competitions at this time, but want to stay apprised of club news, then associate membership can save room in our quota for other members.  Once you do decide to enter competitions, just send an email requesting Competing membership using the Contact Us option on the Organization menu.

Competing Members: Competing members have all the privileges of an Associate Member, plus the option to upload images to our competitions.  Use this option if you plan to enter images into our competitions.  Competing Members do count against our Visual Pursuits quota.


Create an Account

If you do not have a Login Name, use the button below to create an account and request membership in this organization. If you already have a Visual Pursuits account for any other organization, login with your account and use the menu "My Account", "Organizations" to request membership in this organization. That page will also provide links to other organizations.

If you are judging competitions or registering for a public event, you do not need to request membership. If you have an existing account with any organization using the Visual Pursuits service, login to this website with that account. If you do not have an account and do not need membership, use the button below to create a Guest account.

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