NECCC Interclub Electronic Photograph Competition

We will again be competing in this NECCC competition.  In this competition, there are two categories, Nature and Pictorial.  Each club is allowed 4 entries in each category, however, the 4 in either category have be be from different photographers.  You can have one image in each, but only one in either category.



There are a few key rules:

  • The image can't be one that has been entered in a previous NECCC Electroniic competition. They can be images from NECCC slide or print competitions, our internal competitions, or any other non NECCC competition. 
  • Note, if you submitted an image to us previously, but if it wasn't selected by our representative and actually sent to NECCC, you can resubmit that image again, since it was not used for the NECCC interclub competition.  Check with the club representative if you are not sure. 
  • You can't enter from two clubs.  Important: if you are a member of multiple clubs, you must let each club representative know clearly if they can or cannot use your images for NECCC.  We had an incident where another club used a member's photo without their knowledge.  However, since the other club submitted an image of his to an earlier competition than us, our use of that member's image got disqualified.  Normally, an image in their competition gets a score that can be from 9 to 27, with an average in the mid to high teens.  However, when an image is disqualified, it gets 0 points, so this is a large penalty.
  • For a full set of NECCC rules, click here.
  • When the competition is complete, you can review the results on the NECCC interclub site.


The nature category must meet the PSA rules for Nature, which includes no "hand of man".  It can be plant, animal, or landscape so long as nothing indicates the work of humans.  So a tree branch that is obviously sawed off, a structure or sign, a hybrid cultivated plant that doesn't occur in nature, or an animal on a man made platform or pole would all be violations.  Also you are restricted in editing, you can not remove. replace, move or add things to the picture, just exposure adjustments and cropping are allowed.  HDR and focus stacking are allowed.  An animal can be photographed in captivity, so long as you are careful not to include anything man made in the frame.  See the full PSA definition.  Telling a story is important in any photograph, but especially in a nature competition.  Parents feeding the young, capturing prey, in flight, etc will usually do better than a portrait.


Pictorial is an open category, any subject is allowed.  Any manipulation is allowed.  However, the image will be judged on its impact, not on the difficulty of the processing.  You can do a composite, however, all elements must be made by the photographer, you can't include stock images, commercial textures, or other graphics or image elements from others.  Also this is a photograph competition, so pure graphical images that you create in software are not allowed. You can add graphics, but the main subject must be captured.

How to Enter

NECCC has now changed to the same size as the club - 1400 pixels wide max and 1050 pixels high max.  Use the same upload process as for club competitions - see the Help menu if you need instructions for uploading or sizing.  You may submit a maximum of 4 images to either category, however only one in each category can be used.  Remember, you can use images from our competitions.  In that case, you can enter from your personal library, since the image will already be on the Visual Pursuits server, you don't need to upload. 

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