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September 2020
September 2020
September 2020
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Presenter Jurgen Lobert (6:30 PM EDT)
Mentor's Table from 6:30 -7:00 pm. Laptop Monitor Calibration by Appointment through the CONTACT US tab under Organization. Subject/Speaker: Jurgen Lobert, Long Exposure Day Photography. . Jurgen will be offering a hands-on practicum in conjunction with this talk, at a later date--tentatively September 19. There will be an extra fee for this workshop. More details to follow.
Image Critique (6:30 PM EDT)
Meeting will be via Zoom - see the Zoom page under the Organization menu. Social 6:30 -7:00 pm. Subject/Speaker: Projected Digital Image Critiques (Panel critique of projected images) 7:00 to 9:00 pm with a panel of two or three experienced mentors. No more than three images can be submitted. Images will need to be uploaded to Visual Pursuits for this meeting.  You can upload until Noon on September 24.  If you are an associate member, or new member without an account, you can email up to three images to  Size them the same as for a competition, max of 1400 pixels wide by max of 1050 pixels high.
Critique Night (7:00 PM EDT)
Status: Closed Closed: Thursday, September 24, 2020 12:00 PM

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