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May 2017

Critique Night (7:00 PM EDT)
Club Meeting Revised. Sharing Images Competition Rules Review (7:00 PM EDT)
REVISED Sharing Images: The first portion of the meeting will provide an opportunity for sharing images. We plan to have images uploaded prior to the meeting on the Visual Pursuits website, and they will be reviewed by a panel of senior club members. Any questions/concerns by members regarding uploading images can be addressed at the 4/13 meeting. Because of time constraints, we request that a maximum of three images per member be submitted. The second portion of the meeting will be devoted to a panel discussion led by the Competition Committee regarding a review of rules for club competitions. The Committee will take this opportunity to review current club and NECCC rules, and to answer any questions from the members. Mentor's Table/Social 6:30 PM Meeting 7:00 PM delete
Debra Nunes and Janet LaPierre: Images from India; Sharing Images in Print Format (7:00 PM EDT)
REVISED Debra Nunes and Janet LaPierre will share their images and experiences from a recent trip to the subcontenient. They will be available to answer questions from the membership regarding the logistics of their trip and their personal experiences while in India. This presentation will be followed by an opportunity for Sharing Images in Print Format. Images need to be a minimum of 8 x 10 inches but do not need to matted or framed. Multiple stations will be manned by senior members to give members an individual review of their recent images. No limits are imposed on the number of images, but consideration for fellow members access for review should be kept in mind. Mentor's table/Social 6:30 PM Meeting 7:00 PM delete

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