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March 2017

March 2017

NECCC Nature
NECCC Pictorial
Club Meeting Speaker Andy Howard (7:00 PM EST)
Speaker Andy Howard - Do we need more sunsets? "Do we need more sunsets and sunrises?"  Are we mercilessly beating the same dead horse over and over again in an effort to collect visual trophies? A conversation about our choice of subject matter and a reach out to beyond what is familiar and comfortable.  This time will be spent exploring unfamiliar photographic avenues for self-discovery.  Be prepared for a lively inter-change of ideas.  Photographers that Andy featured in his talk: Arno Minkkinen Fran Forman Karin Rosenthal Lou Jones Sean Kernan Jerry Uelesman Mitch Dobroner Guy Tal Article, The Expressive Photograph Mentor's Table/Social 6:30 PM Meeting 7:00 PM delete
Club Meeting Speaker Jim Pennypacker (7:00 PM EDT)
Jim Pennypacker will speak on Proper Exposure from A to Z Proper exposure is essential for producing top quality photographs, yet many photographers are mystified by what proper exposure really means.  In this session, Jim will discuss all the elements of exposure and will demonstrate how you can use them to help produce the effects you want.  Jim will explain what those strange “f” numbers represent; he will explain the relationship between those numbers, the ISO numbers and the shutter speeds and how to use these inter-relationships to produce the tonality you desire in your images.  He will discuss the proper use of the camera’s histogram and will explain the concept of “Exposing To The Right”.  Jim will show you how the camera sensor “sees” differently from the human eye and how this difference can be used to capture in your photographs things the human eye cannot see and also to hide objects that the eye clearly does see. He will demonstrate the benefits of high shutter speed, and will show how very slow shutter speeds can produce special effects and capture color unseen by the human eye.  In addition to talking about the use of various shutter speeds, Jim will show how various aperture settings produce different areas of focus in your photographs. Finally, Jim will discuss how the proper use of the different ISO settings will enable you to produce the exposure effects you desire in different levels of ambient light. Mentor's Table/Social 6:30 PM Meeting 7:00 PM delete

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